Booking a COVID PCR test

The most reliable COVID test

When should I book a COVID PCR test?

If you experience any coughing, fever, shortness of breath, or other symptoms that suggest you may have coronavirus, get tested immediately: at your general practitioner's – or at the SYNLAB test centre directly.

the PCR test is free in the following cases:

If you are taking a test for a planned trip or at your employer's request, you will need to pay for this yourself. The staff on site will provide you with information. Each test costs CHF 133.50, payable by card.

the PCR test is free in the following cases:

  • as a PCR confirmation test following a positive rapid test or self-test or following a pooled PCR test
  • for persons experiencing symptoms (PCR or rapid test)
  • for contact persons in quarantine (PCR or rapid test)
  • following a report of contact with a Covid-19 case through the SwissCovid app (PCR or rapid test)
  • for persons in quarantine upon returning from a risk country (PCR or rapid test)

Our coronavirus test sites across Switzerland

SYNLAB has an optimal organisational structure thanks to its high density of local laboratories and three regional centres of excellence in Western, Southern and German-speaking Switzerland.