PCR test for a certificate

Coronavirus test (PCR) for travel and events: simple, fast, reliable

When do I need to have a COVID PCR for a certificate?

The main travel season will soon be here. And lots of events will be taking place, despite coronavirus. In both cases, it is often essential to have a negative coronavirus PCR test that is recognised by the airline or event organiser. We have a convenient and reliable solution – at an attractive price too.

How do I book the COVID PCR test?

It is really easy to book your appointment online on our website or via the app. You decide the time and place. All our test centres are easy to reach by public transport or car. They have the latest equipment and are staffed by trained and experienced specialists. PCR tests take no time at all if you have an appointment. And in most cases, you get the result within 24-48 hours by e-mail or app straight to your smartphone – it couldn't be easier.

How much do I pay?

The coronavirus travel test costs CHF 133.50
(Test center in Nidwalden CHF 158.00)


Our coronavirus test sites across Switzerland

SYNLAB has an optimal organisational structure thanks to its high density of local laboratories and three regional centres of excellence in Western, Southern and German-speaking Switzerland.

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